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Arif - simple, clean lines, not too boasty, not too dull, timeless and always in trend. The twin support bars add extra support to your tabletop while increasing your table’s rigidity.
Keep it uncoated for the raw and rusty style. Clear lacquer transparent finish to preserve the natural steel finish whilst keeping the rust at bay. Matt black powder coat for a modern, clean, smooth and durable finish.


- H: 72cm x W: 60 cm (H: 28.3 x W: 25.9 in)
- Customisable length, see drop down menu*
- Material: made from thick industrial grade 40x40mm steel
- 4 x 7mm countersunk screw holes per leg
- Safe weight-bearing capacity 150kg or 330lbs
- Assembly: assemble frame with the four bolts provided
- Addition: added strength and support compared to stand-alone legs
- Finishes: various finish available

*Please be aware, the length option refers only to the overall length of the base(s), not the overall tabletop length.

Photographed Dimensions: H: 720 mm x W: 660 mm x L: 1500 mm


- Clear lacquer, a transparent finish which offers to retain the steel's raw, dark or light grey tones while prolonging the effects of rust. The clear coat is an industrial style finish. (not suitable for outdoor)
- Matte black, our finest and most durable finish, the paint is applied using powder coat and oven bake hardened ensuring a smooth and rust-free finish.



UK & Worldwide 

CM to Inch conversion

100 cm = 39.37 in
110 cm = 43,31 in
120 cm = 47,24 in
130 cm = 51,18 in
140 cm = 55,12 in
150 cm = 59,06 in
160 cm = 62,99 in
170 cm = 66,93 in
180 cm = 70,87 in
190 cm = 74,80 in
200 cm = 78,74 in
210 cm = 82,68 in
220 cm = 86,61 in
230 cm = 90,55 in


Matte black:

A durable powder-coated finish, oven-baked to ensure a smooth and rust-protecting finish.

Specific RAL colour:

Powder-coated coloured finish of your choice.

Visit: to find the colour code for you. Once you find the colour for you, tell us the 4-digit RAL numeric code at the checkout and we'll do the rest!

Popular RAL colours: Anthracite grey RAL 7016. White RAL 9010. Window Grey 7040 and Bronze.

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