Meet the Maker


Mike Bateman - Founder and Maker. 



Mike is the driving force behind the brand, and his passion for design, engineering, and timeless furniture has been the foundation of its success.

After returning to the UK in 2016 from a period of work in Sydney, Australia, Mike set up his own workshop and began experimenting with a range of materials and ideas. Drawn to furniture and design, his experience in engineering gave him a unique perspective on how to create pieces that were not only beautiful but built to last. It was during this time that Mike built his first piece, a coffee table for a family member. This was just the beginning of his journey into the fascinating world of furniture and design.

Today, in a workshop situated in the heart of East Yorkshire, Mike handcrafts all of his pieces and works closely with a trusted metal coating provider to carefully detail and finish each product to a high standard. 

Outside of the workshop, during his spare time Mike can be found enjoying the F1, Motorsports, travelling, biking, photography and live music. In recent years, Mike has also focused his attention on renovating his home, using his building and design skills to create a beautiful and personalised living space whilst picking up new skills along the way.