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Aluminium Adapter Discs/Pads for Glass Top

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Aluminium glass buffer/suction pads for securing glass tabletops to the base. These pads are available to purchase with the majority of our table bases, the only exclusions being the Pessi and Essi bases. 

Once your table base is assembled and in situ, a small amount of super-glued should be applied to the glass pads prior to fitting the glass top. This will help secure the top in place and prevent any movement. 

Quantity: 4 or 6 pieces/one set

Dimensions: D: 30mm x T: 10mm

How to order

Simply add this item along with your desired table base to your cart and purchase them both simultaneously. If needed, we'll make the necessary adaptions to your base and fit the pads during the assembly process.  

If you have any questions regarding this product, please feel welcome to contact us.