How To Create An Affordable Yet Bespoke Dining Table

How To Create An Affordable Yet Bespoke Dining Table

So, your dream dining table project is quickly turning into a reality. You’ve found TILIA, one of the highest-rated metal table leg suppliers in the U.K, now all that is left is to source a tabletop! We have written this blog post to guide you in the right direction. Keep reading to learn more about this key topic...
Your dining table is a significant piece of furniture within your home, it is a communal space where people come together for many different reasons and purposes. It has lots of practical and convenient uses that truly make it the heart of most homes.
A dining table can also say a lot about the way a family functions and interact with one another from a social viewpoint. At team TILIA we can offer a bespoke service that enables our customer to have the freedom to customise the size of our built-to-last steel frames, giving them the flexibility to create a table that reflects their own family’s needs.
Here you will discover how to create a practical, stylish and durable table that fits perfectly into your home in terms of style, design and budget. Our table legs and table bases are the foundation for your creative vision.


For all the ‘DIYers’ who are looking to create a custom-built table at a low cost, below are a couple of concepts to spark some ideas for you.



A quality and an affordable worktop that complements our more affordable table leg products is a wooden top. Woodentops can provide a room with a soft touch, they are resilient which is often what an active home needs. Wooden top tables can be given a new look over time through sanding and staining, or even painting. Another added benefit of a modifiable tabletop is that longevity and reusability which makes it a much more sustainable product, which is often desirable amongst the DIYers of the world.


There is a multitude of tree species that can be used as tabletops. Depending on the look you wish to go for will alter the price. Our industrial raw metal or matt black table legs are visually pleasing with a diverse range of shapes and sizes.


Another advantage of combining our metal table legs with a wooden top is the various styles that can be created. For example, if you are taking inspiration from the Scandinavian style, our VARA V-shaped legs powder coated in a matt black finish, featuring a light wood such as beech, ash or pine would produce this result. 


Prefer a more industrial style? Our ANKI. A Shape table legs finished with a clear lacquer, matched with rustic scaffolding planks (A very affordable and sustainable material) definitely carry an industrial edge. 


Both these examples offer a beautifully designed, built to last and affordable piece of furniture which you can curate yourself for much less than buying a premade and generic table. 


Another popular option with our customers is enhancing an inexpensive and easily sourced tabletop from IKEA with our steel frame legs. Here is a link to a popular choice that fits our standard table leg dimensions. 


Another great site which offers a variety of worktops to suit every budget is Top Worktops who are based in the U.K. This Rustic Oak Full stave worktop for example.


Another advantage to our industrial style table legs is when merged with a tabletop they work great as a desk, they are stable and strong and add a contemporary design element to your workspace. 


All of our metal table legs are handmade in Yorkshire, U.K and shipped to people from worldwide, with many of our repeat customers being London, France, Germany and American based. We strive to be affordable, sustainable and deliver on time making the metal table legs a popular choice amongst customers who are eco-conscious and looking for fine quality and high-grade materials at an affordable price.




GLASS and Wooden Tabletop

Our curated collection of heavy-duty metal table bases are designed to support medium to heavy, glass to wooden tabletops. The ‘VENICE’ table base is a modern industrial design with high strength properties, stableness and solid industrial aesthetics, being one of our most popular choices with customers.


Our solid table bases are perfect for holding table tops made of glass and stone. If you are looking for a table that creates an appearance of a larger room or to brighten up your space, a glass top is an appropriate material for this. Glass tops are also easy cleaning, again a suitable material for an active family home. 


If you are searching for a custom-made, modern table and wanting to keep the cost down to a minimum, IKEA offers a tabletop in tempered glass with a honeycomb pattern, adding a fresh and artistic touch. The tabletop is stain-resistant and easy to clean. A number of our table base products can be powder coated in any RAL colour, giving you more control over the style and theme you want to feature.

Higher End Budget £500+  


If you have a medium price range and you are wanting something with a little more luxury, this is where stone tops begin to come into play. A great way to source stone such as marble, granite and quartz is through purchasing offcuts from your local stone supplier. Companies supplying stone kitchen worktops often have large amounts of perfectly useable offcuts suitable for dining tables. 


A stone worktop such as quartz is hugely popular among furniture designers, widely used for its diverse range of unique patterns and colours. Quartz is manmade and has increased strength properties over granite and marble. A stone top placed on our ‘ZIGGI’ or ‘VENICE’ heavy-duty table bases will have an elegant and contemporary appearance. 


This leads us to the products bought by customers with a higher budget, our table base designs to support the heaviest of fragile table tops such as granite and quartz. For the higher budget, the starting price is around £600+. The fully welded frame such as ‘XEA’ ensures maximum rigidness and support.


Other products which ­­­­tailor to support heavier table tops are ‘LOTTI’ & ‘FREYA’. These table bases powder coated in black, matched with a light Calacatta quartz top for example, form a monochromatic look that is often the main feature of a room in a contemporary, modern home.


It is important to note that our table legs and bases are created in a way that really gives you the creative freedom needed when building your dining table. As you can see above, many styles, designs and themes are possible with our heavy-duty, built to last and bespoke steel frames.


For more information on this topic visit our contact page and get in touch, we are happy to help with any questions you may have.


To see our available products visit our shop where you can begin to purchase your dream, custom dining table!

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