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ANKI. 'A' Shape Table Base

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The A-frame base is a classic, simple and traditional style. Lower support bar adds extra strength whilst creating a bold centre statement. Keep it uncoated for the raw and rusty style. Clear coat to preserve the raw steel whilst keeping the rust at bay. Matt black powder coat for a modern, clean and durable finish.

Looking for a chunkier design? We offer this base in a range of square steel tube ranging from 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm or 100mm. To find out more request a custom order.


- Dimensions: H: 720mm x W: 660mm top and bottom. (H: 28.3 x W: 25.9 in)
- Mounting plate: W: 660mm x D: 100mm x T: 5mm
- Customisable length, see drop down menu*
- Materials: made from thick industrial grade 40 x 40mm steel
- Thick surface mounting plates with 6mm countersunk screw holes
- Safe weight-bearing capacity 150kg (330lbs)
- Assembly: assemble frame with the two bolts provided
- Addition: added strength and support compared to stand-alone legs
- Finishes: various finish available

*Please be aware, the length option refers only to the overall length of the base(s), not the overall tabletop length.


- Clear lacquer, a transparent finish which offers to retain the steel's raw, dark or light grey tones while prolonging the effects of rust. The clear coat is an industrial-style finish. (not suitable for outdoor)
- Matte black, our finest and most durable finish, the paint is applied using powder coat and oven bake hardened ensuring a smooth and rust-free finish.



UK & Worldwide 

CM to Inch conversion

100 cm = 39.37 in
110 cm = 43,31 in
120 cm = 47,24 in
130 cm = 51,18 in
140 cm = 55,12 in
150 cm = 59,06 in
160 cm = 62,99 in
170 cm = 66,93 in
180 cm = 70,87 in
190 cm = 74,80 in
200 cm = 78,74 in
210 cm = 82,68 in
220 cm = 86,61 in
230 cm = 90,55 in