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Xea - Brushed Stainless Steel

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The XEA table base means business! Designed to support the heaviest of table tops with a safe load limit of 300kg. Rest assured, we've engineered the design to ensure fragile work surfaces such as quartz, marble, granite or glass are compatible with this base. 

When it comes to finding the correct base size, we've given you a few choices, but remember, we handcraft all of our items in the UK and we are always more than happy to offer custom sizes. Remember, our length option refers to the base length. For stone and glass worksurfaces, we tend to recommend a maximum overhang of 30cm per each narrow end. If your tabletop is 200cm in length, we may recommend a minimum base length of 140cm. 


- Height: 72cm x Width: 60cm or 80cm
- customisable length. Please be aware, the length option refers only to the overall length of the base. 
- indoor/outdoor 
- made from heavy-duty industrial grade 80x40mm rectangular steel
- Brushed Stainless Steel 
- safe load-bearing capacity: 300kg
- fully welded frame - no assembly required
- 8x 7mm countersunk screw holes
- protective felt floor pads: included

Photographed Product: H: 72cm x Width: 80cm x Length: 210xm 


Brushed Stainless Steel 



UK & Ireland only.

CM to Inch conversion

100 cm = 39.37 in
110 cm = 43,31 in
120 cm = 47,24 in
130 cm = 51,18 in
140 cm = 55,12 in
150 cm = 59,06 in
160 cm = 62,99 in
170 cm = 66,93 in
180 cm = 70,87 in
190 cm = 74,80 in
200 cm = 78,74 in
210 cm = 82,68 in
220 cm = 86,61 in