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FREYA - X Shape Table Base. For Stone, Wood and Glass

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The Freya table base is a the slimmer, elegant choice from our 'X' shape design range. Unlike most of our other table bases, this one is fully welded for maximum stability and strength. Designed to support fragile worksurfaces such as quartz, marble or glass.


- H: 72cm x W: 66cm (H: 28.3in x W: 25.9in)
- Customisable length, please see drop-down menu*
- made from thick industrial grade 80 x 40 mm rectangular box steel.
- powder coat finish adds extra durability and a modern, clean look.
- no assembly required
- 6x 6mm countersunk screw holes
- smooth feet - no floor scratches
- safe weight-bearing capacity: 150kg

*Please be aware, the length option refers only to the overall length of the base(s), not the overall tabletop length.

Photographed Product

- H: 72cm x W: 66cm x L: 160cm


- Matte black is our finest, most durable rust-preventing finish, the powder-coated finish is oven bake hardened to ensure long service life.

- Specific RAL colour. Powder-coated coloured finish of your choice. Visit: to find the colour code for you. Once you find the colour for you, tell us the RAL numeric code at the checkout and we'll do the rest!
Popular colours: Anthracite grey RAL 7016. White RAL 9010. Window Grey 7040.



UK & Ireland



CM to Inch conversion

100 cm = 39.37 in
110 cm = 43,31 in
120 cm = 47,24 in
130 cm = 51,18 in
140 cm = 55,12 in
150 cm = 59,06 in
160 cm = 62,99 in
170 cm = 66,93 in
180 cm = 70,87 in
190 cm = 74,80 in
200 cm = 78,74 in
210 cm = 82,68 in
220 cm = 86,61 in
230 cm = 90,55 in